Hypnotherapy via Skype

Philip Roberts at Odysseus Hypnotherapy enjoys meeting clients face-to-face but offering telehypnosis in his practice provides clients with more choice (and him with the opportunity of seeing clients he would otherwise not have met). Philip is experienced in delivering hypnotherapy sessions via Skype to national and international clients. Some clients have a need for telehypnosis such as being in a location where access to therapy, or a therapist that is right for them, is restricted.Mobility issues can also be a factor for clients opting for telehypnosis. Other clients simply prefer the convenience and the reduced time and cost of travelling. Some clients have a need for telehypnosis due to issues such as agoraphobia (a fear of being in open spaces). Telehypnosis can be a positive experience and just as effective as face-to-face sessions. Click on the 'CONTACT' button at the bottom of tis page to arrange a free initial consultation.

Guidance for Sessions by Skype

Skype is an excellent way of conducting therapy sessions. It is convenient, just as effective as face-to-face sessions and offers you access to a therapist outside of your local area. To ensure that Skype therapy sessions are the best experience they can be and that your expectations are met, it is worth considering the following guidance. 

  • Skype's reliance on the internet means that you should ensure that you have the best internet connection possible that provides good quality audio and video. You might want to schedule therapy sessions at times when internet traffic is less busy, reset your wireless router shortly before a session or connect your device directly to your router rather than relying on a wireless connection. Speak with your internet service provider if you need assistance.
  • In entering into communications with the therapist via electronic means, you understand that it is not secure and accept that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in these circumstances. If you are concerned about internet security, seek advice from your internet service provider.
  • Skype therapy sessions cannot be conducted as voice only calls. Effectiveness of sessions relies on the therapist being able to observe you during the process. The video function will therefore be required.
  • The therapist has no influence over your environment. Make sure that your environment will be comfortable and free from distracting noise or any other interruptions.
  • At the start of your skype therapy session, the therapist will discuss with you a procedure in case internet connection is lost but please be assured that it is not possible to become stuck in hypnosis.

If you require any additional information or have any queries relating to hypnosis or the issues you would like to overcome, please contact Philip Roberts at Odysseus Hypnotherapy. Click on the 'CONTACT' button below.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Choosing the right therapist for you is so important which is why Philip Roberts at Odysseus Hypnotherapy provides a free 30 minute initial consultation by phone or Skype. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, find out more about hypnosis and discuss the issue you need help with. Click on 'CONTACT' now to email or message Philip to arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

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