Philip Roberts MNCH (Reg.), Dip. (Hyp)  Philip is a proponent of evidence based practice. His studies in the field have lead him to examine the empirical evidence supporting therapeutic interventions in clinical hypnotherapy and integrating the best research evidence into the decision making process for client care. His approach to hypnotherapy is heavily influenced by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which provides a wealth of evidence to support his techniques and advance therapeutic outcomes. The field of hypnosis alone benefits from over 12,000 published studies which lend weight to its effectiveness. Studies have shown that combining hypnosis with CBT can be more effective than employing techniques in CBT alone.   As a qualified practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), he often draws on techniques from this field to enhance the client experience. He is a member by qualification of the UK's leading professional body in hypnotherapy, The National Council for Hypnotherapy and is registered with Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.


The Fear of Flying Guy

Overcome your fear of flying

A particular specialism of Philip's is helping overcome a fear of flying. Phobias can have a hugely negative effect on your quality of life and a fear of flying is no exception. It can prevent you from enjoying a family holiday, a trip with friends or visiting relatives abroad. It can prevent you from progressing in your career or broadening your horizons. Even if you board an aircraft, when you arrive at your destination after a traumatic flight, the misery starts to build up again for the return journey which will be equally or more traumatic. As a licensed pilot, Philip is able to bring an understanding of flight and aircraft systems into the therapy room. Evidence suggests that gaining an understanding of the various phases of flight and the operation of the aircraft will advance therapeutic outcomes considerably. Philip can teach you coping strategies that you can put into practice to tackle the way you think, feel and behave when faced with the prospect of air travel.

Overcoming fears and phobias is just one of the many practical applications of hypnosis. There is a growing body of research evidence supporting the effectiveness of hypnosis for a wide range of issues from anxiety and addiction to weight loss and Tinnitus. Learn more here

Odysseus Hypnotherapy Consultation Room

A private and comfortable therapeutic environment

Philip offers a confidential service from a private, comfortable and well appointed consultation room in Bedfordshire, England. With good road and rail access, it is well situated for visiting clients based in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London. With video-conferencing becoming a popular mode of conducting hypnotherapy sessions, Philip is also experienced in delivering hypnotherapy sessions via Skype to national and international clients.

International Skypenosis

Philip enjoys meeting clients face-to-face but offering telehypnosis in his practice provides clients with more choice (and him with the opportunity of seeing clients he would otherwise not have met). Some clients have a need for telehypnosis such as being in a location where access to therapy, or a therapist that is right for them, is restricted. Mobility issues can also be a factor for clients opting for telehypnosis. Other clients simply prefer the convenience and the reduced time and cost of travelling. Telehypnosis can be a positive experience and just as effective as face-to-face sessions.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Choosing the right therapist for you is so important which is why Philip Roberts at Odysseus Hypnotherapy provides a free 30 minute initial consultation by phone or Skype. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, find out more about hypnosis and discuss the issue you need help with. Click on 'CONTACT' now to email or message Philip to arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION


Session Duration, Fees, Payment and Cancellations

Sessions can now be paid for conveniently and securely online by PayPal, credit or debit card. A free initial consultation is arranged first to ensure suitability, for you to understand the process and terms and if appropriate, to book a session. You will then be given access to the 'CLIENT AREA' page where payment can be made. Clients who wish to seek reimbursement of fees through a private health cash plan should check with their plan provider that treatment is covered. 


Initial Consultation - A 30 minute initial consultation by phone or Skype is free of charge (£0/hr.)

30 Minute Mind Massage - 30 minutes of deep relaxation charged at £30 (£60/hr.)

First Therapy Session - A 90 minute session to include initial assessment is charged at £60 (£40/hr.)

Subsequent Therapy sessions - 60 minute sessions charged at £75 (£75/hr.)

Pre-paid subsequent session blocks

2 Sessions - £142.50 (71.25/hr.)

3 Sessions - £208.20 (£69.40/hr.)

4 Sessions - £270 (£67.50/hr.)

Forces Personnel and NHS Staff Discounts Available

Forces Discounts UK
NHS Staff Discounts Biggleswade

Fees are due on booking and payable prior to your therapy session. Fees are non-refundable and therapy sessions cancelled without the minimum notice period of 24 hours are charged at the fee paid for that therapy session. All pre-paid therapy session blocks must be booked within 4 months from the date of making payment. Therapy sessions cancelled by the therapist will be re-booked at a time agreed with you unless the therapist is unable to meet their obligations to you under the terms of this agreement in which case, fees paid for services that cannot be fulfilled by the therapist will be refunded. In the event of the therapist terminating the client relationship, the therapist reserves the right to revoke discounts on any therapy sessions attended and refund any remaining balance held on account.

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