Client Terms of Business Agreement

This Agreement sets out the nature of the therapeutic relationship between you and the therapist. You can submit electronic confirmation of your acceptance of these terms at the bottom of the page.

Therapist Responsibilities

The therapist agrees to devote time, attention and abilities in applying their knowledge, skill and expertise in order to provide the best possible service as may be reasonably expected.

The therapist will provide accurate information about the therapeutic process and any proposed treatment plan and ensure that you understand what is proposed, responding appropriately to any concerns or queries you may have throughout the therapeutic relationship.

The therapist will review progress towards therapeutic goals and the number of sessions regularly and collaboratively with you throughout the therapeutic relationship.

The therapist will give a minimum period of 24 hours notice in advance, if a session needs to be re-scheduled.

Client Responsibilities

You agree to attend all scheduled appointments and be on time. Please remember that once an appointment is made, the therapist has set time aside for you and it is your responsibility to cancel or reschedule your therapy sessions giving at least 24 hours notice.

You agree to actively participate in therapy sessions and to dedicate practice time in-between therapy sessions as can be reasonably expected, holding a positive regard toward therapy and the therapist. You understand the importance of providing accurate information about your therapeutic needs and circumstances in order for the therapist to formulate a treatment plan that will be beneficial to you.

If you participate in Skype therapy sessions, you will review the additional guidance for Skype therapy sessions available at

You agree to raise any concerns that you may have about therapy at the earliest opportunity, giving the therapist the opportunity to respond to your concerns. If at any time during therapy sessions, you do not understand any information conveyed by the therapist, you are responsible for seeking clarification from the therapist.

You understand that in order to fulfil their duty of care to you and to meet legal and regulatory obligations, the therapist will require satisfactory evidence of your identity and residency. You agree to provide this when requested.

You understand that hypnotherapy, as with any therapy, including medicine, does not work for all people in all circumstances. Therefore no guarantee can be offered or implied.

You understand that whilst there is a wealth of evidence to support hypnotherapy for the easement of symptoms such as pain and the advancement of recovery times, the underlying cause of pain or other physical symptoms should first be fully investigated by medical professionals and you should continue with any course of treatment recommended by your medical practitioner throughout hypnotherapy sessions to ensure that the underlying condition can be dealt with.

You understand that if you feel that you are at risk of harming yourself or others you should seek help from a suitably qualified health or social professional without delay.

Confidentiality and the Fair Processing of Your Personal Data

What you say to the therapist will be held in strictest confidence. However, you should understand that there are certain circumstances and conditions under which the content of your therapy sessions may no longer be confidential. Below is a list of some, but not all of the circumstances under which the therapist may be ethically and/or legally obligated to disclose information about you. Because circumstances vary from individual to individual, it is impossible to provide a complete list of all possible circumstances under which the content of your sessions may no longer be confidential. Please discuss any concerns you may have about confidentiality with your hypnotherapist.

The therapist is ethically and legally obligated to disclose information given in confidence if there is reason to believe that you may harm yourself or harm someone else.

The therapist is ethically and legally obligated to disclose information given in confidence if there is reason to believe that you are involved in or have knowledge of child abuse, neglect or abuse, neglect of a vulnerable person or terrorism offence.

The therapist may have to disclose information given in confidence if ordered to do so by a court or by a person with legal powers of investigation.

From time to time, the therapist may consult with other colleagues and peers about clients in order to give you the best care and advice possible, the therapist may also discuss cases with their supervisor for the same reason but in these circumstances, clients are not identified by name.

Despite the personal nature of the work that you and the therapist do together, it is important for you to understand that you and the therapist have a professional and not a personal relationship. In order for the therapist to maintain their professional objectivity, the interactions between you and the therapist will be limited to scheduled therapy sessions. Please do not invite the therapist to social gatherings, offer gifts, or ask the therapist to enter into a business relationship or relate to you in any way outside of your scheduled appointments. You will be best served if your relationship with the therapist remains strictly professional and concentrates exclusively on your concerns. If you meet the therapist in public or in a social situation, please be aware of their ethical responsibilities and expect a short conversation.

Your personal data will be held securely and processed for the purposes of providing hypnotherapy. Your personal data will not be shared with any other person without your prior consent. You have the right to receive details of your personal data held by the therapist and can obtain this information by submitting a written request to the therapist at their business address. In complying with such a request, the therapist can request a fee up to £10. The therapist’s business address can be viewed at

In entering into communications with the therapist via electronic means, you understand that it is not secure and accept that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in these circumstances.

During the therapeutic relationship, the therapist may disclose information about themselves which you should also treat as private and confidential.

In providing your email address to the therapist, you explicitly consent to receiving electronic marketing from time to time. Please inform the therapist if you wish future marketing to cease.

Fees, Payment and Cancellations

Fees for therapy will be charged in accordance with Odysseus Hypnotherapy’s fee schedule as published and amended from time to time. A copy of the fee schedule can be viewed at and is available on request.

Fees are due on booking and payable prior to your therapy session. Fees are non-refundable and therapy sessions cancelled without the minimum notice period of 24 hours are charged at the fee paid for that therapy session. All pre-paid therapy session blocks must be booked within 4 months from the date of making payment. Therapy sessions cancelled by the therapist will be re-booked at a time agreed with you unless the therapist is unable to meet their obligations to you under the terms of this agreement in which case, fees paid for services that cannot be fulfilled by the therapist will be refunded. In the event of the therapist terminating the client relationship, the therapist reserves the right to revoke discounts on any therapy sessions attended and refund any remaining balance held on account.

Recorded Work

The therapist may record parts of the therapy sessions to aid reflection on the session or to supply you with hypnosis recordings to facilitate practice outside of therapy sessions. This will be discussed with you ahead of time and you may withdraw your consent to this aspect of the terms without any notice or explanation.

Discussions with the therapist must not be recorded without the explicit consent of the therapist. Sessions or other communications with the therapist may be terminated immediately should the therapist have grounds to know or suspect that sessions or other communications are being used for purposes other than your therapy. 

Recorded work provided to you in any media is for your personal use and as directed by the therapist. Such recordings are not for public performance and must not be copied or adapted in any way or distributed, rented or lent to any other person by any means whether free of charge, for money or monies worth.

Termination of this Agreement

You have the right at all times and without the need for explanation to terminate this agreement. If the therapist feels that therapy is not beneficial to you or has other reasons to suggest termination, this will be discussed this with you and will aim to ensure that therapy is appropriately terminated with regard to your on-going needs and circumstances.


In confirming your acceptance of the terms of this agreement, you are consenting to participate in hypnotherapy, being informed of the process and your responsibilities and understanding that hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment.

To confirm your acceptance of these terms, please enter your Client Reference Number below and submit.

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